This website will be displaying different kinds of information related to Bhatapur and its residents. This site will gather infromation about persons, business houses, private companies, government offices, shops, restaurants etc. BKTOL.COM is trying to gather the information of all the above mentioned persons, business houes for the ease of residents of Bhaktapur itself. If any person, business houses or companies feels that the information presented are not correct or seems to be wrong directed then please kindly inform us at INFO@BKTOL.COM. We will happliy edit or remove such misinformation.

We would also like the residents of Bhaktapur to use this site to share information about any topic, events, person etc through this site. You are free to store any kind of information but we restrict the usage of the website against the Cyber law og state of Nepal. All the contents will be owned to the content provider not the website owner so please don't misuse the platform.